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Michelle Beauchamp, MSc., RSW

Social Worker/Counsellor


204-808-8866 Ext. 103


A Bit About Me

   I have extensive experience providing therapy and education on a wide range of mental health topics to youth, adults, families and communities. I help people struggling with symptoms consistent with their diagnosed disorders, such as anxiety, and mood disorders as well as those struggling with a compilation of stress in their lives, such as job, family/relationship, trauma, grief or addictions. At times we need extra support and guidance in dealing with life's challenges. I like to build on a person's strengths empowering them to make positive changes, reducing their negative coping and negative thought patterns. I facilitate workshops to organizations and businesses on a variety of mental health topics, and provide debriefings/Critical Incident Stress Management to workplaces that are dealing with traumatic events/ difficult situations. 

     I have been trained in a variety of therapy models and often utilize methods from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness-based techniques to assist those with reaching their goals. I have a Master of Science degree from the University of Manitoba and I am a registered Social Worker.


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