Abigail Wideman BSW, MSW, RSW

Mental Health Therapist/ Clinical Social Worker/NIHB  and Jordan’s Principle certified provider


204-880-3004 or 204-808-8866 Ext. 104


A Bit About Me

My intention in therapy is to keep it meaningful and simple; that each person walks away with something practical that can be used right away to ameliorate suffering for yourself and in your relationships. Being a creative person, there is rarely a session without some incorporation of art or experiential technique. I aim to be a facilitator of healing, facilitator meaning “to make easy”. What better way to make something easy then through fun and creativity? Prior to licensing as a therapist I worked in leadership. I have a passion for burnout prevention, compassion fatigue, and the working wounded.

People know me as a person who they can come to with "really tough stuff." In my work I have see techniques and skills make a huge difference in creating unity, restoring hope, wellness and developing good relationships. The individuals and families I work with deserve only the best, which means that I am continually honing and developing myself as a clinician.

After 20 years working in the field of mental health I still very much love what I do. I have always considered it an honour to walk with people in their dark hours. I am constantly humbled by the success my clients experience and I’d love to help you, too. I will meet you where you are at and we can start to figure things out from there.


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